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Debunking Couples Therapy Myths for Partners, Children, and Their Parents

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Couples therapy is often shrouded in myths and misconceptions, portrayed in movies as a last resort for dissatisfied relatives seeking the wisdom of a resourceful psychologist. But what does couples therapy truly entail? Is it necessary for all parties to attend together, and can it prevent conflicts or even divorce? This blog post aims to dispel common myths about couples therapy for partners, children, and their parents, shedding light on its real benefits and approaches.

Myth 1: Couples Therapy Means Sitting Together on a Couch

Partially True. While couples therapy can involve joint sessions, individual therapy is also beneficial, focusing on personal feelings and interactions. Key approaches include emotionally-focused therapy and systemic family therapy, catering to individual needs within a family’s dynamic.

Myth 2: Better to Stick with a Known Individual Therapist

A Myth. Engaging in both individual and couples therapy is recommended, albeit with different therapists, to avoid bias and ensure a fresh perspective on familial relationships.

Myth 3: Therapy Guarantees to Prevent Divorce

More Myth Than Fact. The primary aim of therapy is not to save a marriage at any cost but to create a conducive environment for partners to articulate and understand each other’s needs and desires, potentially leading to amicable separations if necessary.

Myth 4: Therapy Will Eliminate All Arguments

A Common Misconception. Conflict is a normal aspect of family life. The goal of therapy is not to eliminate disagreements but to equip family members with the skills to address conflicts constructively.

Myth 5: Therapy Will Clearly Assign Blame

Mostly Myth. Therapy focuses on resolving conflicts and understanding each member’s perspective, not pinpointing blame. It aims to foster mutual understanding and prevent future issues.

Myth 6: Only Parents Should Take Children to Therapy

Depends on Age and Circumstance. The approach varies with age, from playful sessions for toddlers to respect for personal boundaries in adolescents. Therapy can be beneficial both individually and jointly, respecting each member’s readiness to share.


Couples therapy offers a nuanced approach to improving family dynamics, contrary to the simplistic view often depicted in popular culture. By understanding and addressing the myths surrounding couples therapy, families can better appreciate its potential to enhance relationships, resolve conflicts, and foster a deeper understanding among its members. Whether through joint sessions or individual counseling, therapy provides a space for open dialogue and mutual growth, ensuring that each family member’s needs and boundaries are respected.

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If you’re considering couples therapy for your family, it’s essential to approach it with an open mind and a willingness to explore the underlying dynamics of your relationships. Contact us to learn more about how our tailored therapy sessions can support your family’s unique needs and goals.

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