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Sophrology is the new buzzword in wellness circles, poised to answer various mental and physical challenges.

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Despite being around for 60 years, Sophrology is a healing modality that is virtually unheard of beyond the French-speaking world. Since the 1970s, Sophrology has been adopted across Europe as a therapy and a personal development technique. Now, the trend is rapidly migrating to the US.

Celebrity fans include Arianna Huffington and French tennis player Stéphane Robert. The French rugby team reportedly used Sophrology while training for the last World Cup.

A recent study by Kent Business School found Sophrology positively impacted employees’ physical and mental health, and more research is underway. 

What Is Sophrology? 

Sophrology, a therapeutic approach that harmonizes the mind and body, blends Eastern meditation’s serenity with Western psychology’s insights. This practice involves mental and gentle physical exercises, focused breathing, and visualization techniques to achieve self-awareness, resilience, and tranquility. 

The word Sophrology comes from three Ancient Greek words σῶς / sos (“harmony”), φρήν / phren (“mind”), and λογία / logos (“study, science”) and means “the study of the consciousness in harmony” or “the science of the harmony of consciousness.” 

The Origins of Sophrology 

Sophrology was developed by doctor Alfonso Caycedo (1932–2017), a pioneering psychiatrist in Madrid who sought alternatives to conventional treatments like insulin shock therapy, drugs, and psychoanalysis. Dr. Caycedo integrated elements from yoga, Tibetan Buddhist meditation, hypnosis, and Japanese Zen into his methodology. At the first International Sophrology Conference in 1970, he described Sophrology as a philosophy, a way of life, a therapy, and a personal development technique.

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Today, Sophrology is widely taught in schools and universities in Switzerland and France to help students acquire life and stress-management skills.  In other words, an alert mind in a relaxed body. 

Since 2007, leading French cancer center Institute Curie has offered patients in the Outpatient Medical Oncology unit the opportunity to attend individual sophrology sessions to “help cancer patients manage the distress caused by the disease and its treatment, including anxiety, nausea, fatigue, insomnia, and body-image disruptions.”

Relax Relaxation

Sophrology at The Advanced Psychotherapy Institute 

One of our providers, Ms. Alexandra Alexandrova, PhD, a distinguished Mind-body Coach and Sophrologue, emphasizes this approach as an essential part of the healing journey. Her extensive biology, physics, and psychotherapy background enriches Ms. Alexnadrova’s healing methods, allowing her to offer a deeply personalized and transformative healing experience.

Sophrology, as advocated by Dr. Alexandrova, is not merely a technique but a journey toward self-discovery, balance, and the fullest expression of one’s potential. Under her expert guidance, individuals learn to navigate their inner complexities, emerging with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper connection to the vibrant tapestry of life. 

How does it work?

Sophrology offers a sequenced training program designed to improve your physical and mental well-being. This can be followed whether or not you are also working on a specific problem, such as anxiety, insomnia, burnout, chronic pain, relationship issues, health challenges, sexuality, personal fulfillment, or coping with loss. 

Alexandra’s sessions are designed as a sanctuary for self-exploration and recovery. She assists her clients in delving into their psycho-emotional landscapes to identify and overcome the sources of their fears and beliefs. By cultivating a profound connection with oneself, she believes that individuals can unlock their unique potential, thereby enriching their lives and those around them. Dr. Alexandrova’s integration of Sophrology with other therapeutic techniques allows her to create a bespoke healing path for each client, fostering durable change and a reconnection with life’s fullness. 

Addressing the Spectrum of Human Experience

Relationship Issues: Ms. Alexandrova skillfully navigates clients through the intricacies of co-dependent relationships toward healing, genuine love, and mutual creation.

Health Concerns:  Alexandra acknowledges the deep connection between physical symptoms and psycho-emotional states, offering holistic healing strategies that address both dimensions.

Sexuality Challenges: Alexndra’s therapy facilitates the release of psycho-emotional blockages, enhancing the flow of vital energy necessary for a satisfying sexual life.

Finding Purpose: Dr. Alexandrova provides essential guidance in rediscovering one’s true self and aligning with one’s deepest values and aspirations for those feeling disconnected or lost.

Navigating Loss: Dr. Alexandrova offers compassionate support to individuals dealing with loss, helping them regain strength and establish new, fulfilling connections.

A Unique Approach to Healing

Dr. Alexandrova tailors her therapeutic approach to each client’s unique needs, combining classical and spiritual psychology with contemporary psychotherapy techniques, including visualization, meditation, integral neuroprogramming, and Sophrology. Her profound respect for humanity and unwavering belief in every individual’s potential mark her as a distinguished figure in the field of mind-body wellness.

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