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Welcome to The Fradkov Institute of The Mind

Our organization is a unique blend of research, clinical practice, and education, focusing on mental health, interpersonal communication, and technology integration.

Providing psychological counseling to those in need is our foremost priority at the Fradkov Institute of the Mind, spearheaded by our Clinical Department. Leveraging the insights of Message-Based Psychology (MBP), formulated by our founder, Dr. Valery Fradkov, we are uniquely positioned to address issues arising from communication challenges and emotional regulation. The wider our reach, the more individuals we can assist, making your referrals invaluable to our mission.

In parallel, our Research Department is committed to rigorously testing MBP’s predictions and treatment modalities. Collaborating with psychologists and clinicians in the US and internationally, we strive to advance our understanding and application of MBP. It’s vital to acknowledge that our research efforts rely on external funding. Therefore, we actively seek grants and donations, and any contribution is greatly appreciated.

Recognizing the innovative yet underrepresented nature of our methods, our Training Department focuses on equipping mental health professionals with our specialized techniques. We offer comprehensive training, both onsite and remotely, with a strong emphasis on clinical practice. Trainees gain hands-on experience by working directly with our clients under the mentorship of more seasoned experts. The growth in our client base furthers our clinical goals and expands our training capabilities. Again, your referrals are crucial in enhancing our impact and reach.

What Sets Us Apart

At The Fradkov Institute of The Mind, we are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals through unique perspectives and innovative methods. 

Our specialists are known for implementing Message-Based Psychology (MBP), developed by the institute’s founder, Dr. Valery Fradkov. This approach is clinically validated and offers precise and highly efficient treatment methods.

MBP is designed to simplify the understanding and expression of complex emotions through clear, predictive models.

Our Clinical Programs

The clinical programs of the Institute focus on application of the revolutionary Message-Based Psychology (MBP) to interpersonal relationship issues such as confrontations and misunderstandings, and mental health issues that include emotional distress, mood disorders, anger and guilt management.

Our Training Programs

We offer a 6-month training program that includes 2 months of theoretical studies and 4 months of supervised clinical practice. The training is provided both on site and remotely.


The initial phase focuses on the principles of Message-Based Psychology (MBP). Trainees will explore the foundational concepts, understanding emotions as communication to…


In this phase, trainees will engage with actual clients under the guidance of a senior supervisor. Supervisors will assist in intake sessions and treatment planning, followed by the…

Internship and Employment Opportunities

Successful trainees may advance to a paid 3-month internship, continuing patient work under supervision. This may lead to an opportunity for long-term employment with our staff…

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