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Advanced Psychology Institute

Our treatments are rooted in the innovative Message-Centered Psychology developed by Dr. Valery Fradkov, founder of the Advanced Psychology Institute.

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Strengthening relationships, one conversation at a time

At the Advanced Psychology Institute, our primary focus is on couples therapy. We are dedicated to helping couples build stronger, healthier relationships through expert guidance and support. Our therapists specialize in addressing communication issues, rebuilding trust, and fostering intimacy.

In addition to couples therapy, we are committed to advancing psychological well-being through innovative treatments, cutting-edge research, and comprehensive educational programs. Our holistic approach integrates various therapeutic methods to offer personalized care for individuals and couples seeking to enhance their mental wellness and communication skills.

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Dr. Valery Fradkov

Founder & Head of Therapy

We Can Help With

Many of our patients seek to build meaningful relationships, yet they often face obstacles such as anger, guilt, resentment, distrust, and emotional turbulence. These challenging emotions are commonly linked to a critical issue: the struggle with effective communication. Our approach addresses these barriers to foster healthier, more fulfilling interpersonal connections.

Intellectual giftedness: A Blessing or a Curse? Individuals with high intellectual abilities often face unique psychological challenges. These can include feelings of isolation, peer disapproval, social pressures to conform, and a sense of underutilization of their exceptional talents.  We at the Advanced Psychology Institute specialize in assisting highly intelligent individuals, offering professional psychological guidance. Our approach is to engage as a conversational partner who matches their intellectual caliber, addressing their specific needs and concerns.

These are not just buzzwords but significant challenges in modern life. Our targeted therapy sessions focus on identifying the root causes of stress, addressing burnout, and combating fatigue. We employ effective strategies to help individuals regain balance, rejuvenate their energy, and restore their sense of well-being, paving the way for a healthier, more fulfilling life.

What Sets Us Apart

At the Advanced Psychology Institute, we specialize in innovative couples therapy, enhancing your relationship with unique perspectives and methods.

Our expertise lies in Message-Centered Psychology (MCP), developed by our founder, Dr. Valery Fradkov. This groundbreaking approach sets a new standard in therapy, ensuring better outcomes for our clients.

Experience the difference with our effective techniques and dedicated support.

Helpful and attentive. Dr. Fradkov teaches me how to better understand and deal with what's going on with my teenager. I though that my son was the one needed help of a therapist but after he refused I turned for help from a professional who has...
I highly recommend Dr. Fradkov to anyone seeking an understanding and wise therapist. My experience with Dr. Fradkov has been transformative. He helped me with my anxiety and communication issues. And I am still learning a lot and enjoying our...
Highly recommended. My experience with Dr. Fradkov over the past several months has been incredibly beneficial. Each session contributes significantly to my self-understanding, and crucially, it teaches me the importance of not passing judgment on...
My initial session with Michael Buchman was a dealbreaker for me; it left me feeling comfortable, heard, and in safe hands. Michael is caring and attentive. He asks questions that encourage me to reflect on situations and my responses to them.
Dr. Fradkov has been an essential part of the equation leading to my son's positive mental health. For years, my son struggled with issues at school that included a misdiagnosis of autism. In fact, my son has a high IQ, but the schools put him in special needs not...
I’ve been a client of Dr. Fradkov for many years approximately six. He has helped me through very difficult times in my life when I didn’t know how to cope. His care & nature comes through with each session. I give him a five star rating. Thank you Dr. Fradkov...
Dr. Fradkov is an excellent therapist and practitioner with unique methods and an approach to therapy that is guaranteed to resolve issues and guide clients through major challenges. He is a warm, welcoming individual who is easy to open up to and...
I've seen a few therapists before, but Michael Buchman is different. Talking to him doesn't feel one-sided, and it is not just about him giving me advice to try on my own. It feels like talking to a friend who really listens and understands me.

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