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About Us

At the heart of the Advanced Psychology Institute is the innovative work of Dr. Valery Fradkov, the architect of the revolutionary Message-Centered Psychology (MCP).

MCP, with its precise and analytical approach, offers tailored and highly effective treatments for a broad spectrum of psychological conditions. This includes depression, anxiety, personality disorders, addiction, challenges in interpersonal communication, and stress-related issues.

Our Approach

Our innovative approach differs significantly from traditional psychotherapies, which typically oscillate between Freudian psychoanalysis and variations of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). While psychoanalysis explores the historical roots of issues and CBT addresses current behaviors and thoughts, Message-Centered Psychology (MCP) focuses on the future.

Message-Centered Psychology stands out in the field of psychotherapy for its clinically validated methods that simplify the complexities of emotions into comprehensible models. Our experts use these insights to identify the root issues impacting our clients, leading to highly personalized and effective treatment plans. 

While our methods are precise, they are not one-size-fits-all. Each client receives a customized treatment strategy crafted with empathy and understanding to meet their unique needs. We also offer psycho-education and, if needed, referrals to our network of affiliated healthcare professionals, including physicians, dietitians, life coaches, and physical therapists.

Our Founder

Therapist in his office

Dr. Valéry Fradkov

Dr. Valéry Fradkov is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). He earned his Master of Social Work at Adelphi University (New York) and his Doctorate in Science at the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow).

Dr. Fradkov consults his clients on interpersonal issues, provides relationship counseling and psychotherapy, and performs research on the role of verbal and nonverbal messages and emotions in the interpersonal communication process.

For his distinguished work with teenagers and families, he is included in the list of NJ’s Favorite Kids’ Docs.

Dr. Valery Fradkov transitioned into the field of psychology and interpersonal communication after an illustrious career spanning physics, mathematics, financial modeling, computer simulation, and information processing. His diverse background includes working as a theoretical physicist and material scientist at NASA, performing quantitative analysis for major financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and Bank of America, and holding a VP role in Software Architecture and Development at a successful technology startup. Dr. Fradkov has also made significant academic contributions, with over 50 peer-reviewed publications in physics and material science, and has taught various university courses in physics, chemistry, materials science, and computer engineering. He attributes his success across these varied disciplines to a unique approach – focusing on their commonalities rather than differences, enabling the integration of principles from hard sciences into psychology.

With his grounding in physics and computer science, Dr. Fradkov brings a distinct perspective to psychology, akin to approaches found in the hard sciences. He challenges the notion that psychological complexity is inherently distinct from that in fields like physics, arguing that complexity is relative to the questions posed. For example, while Earth’s intricate systems can seem overwhelmingly complex, its orbital path around the Sun can be accurately described with Newton’s laws by simplifying Earth to a point mass.

Having developed and validated his theoretical framework and positively impacting hundreds of lives, Dr. Fradkov is now dedicated to expanding the reach of his discoveries. While publishing in academic journals and books is a traditional route for disseminating knowledge, he recognizes its limitations in fully capturing the potential of his work. This realization led to the founding of the Advanced Psychology Institute. This pioneering establishment combines an educational facility for training future mental health professionals in Dr. Fradkov’s methodologies, a clinical division for practical application, and a research wing for ongoing development and refinement of his theories and practices.

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